FMP: Week 8

This final major project is drawing nearer and nearer to a close so it’s been a push to try and produce an outcome that I am satisfied with. This week I have been focusing on the large scale wall hanging from week 7. To begin with I built up the blue and red sections of paint:

Then to give the illusion of a child’s bed within the composition I decided to cut a corner of the red to emulate a duvet corner, and then sewed a bear in to the gap that had been created.

Then I wanted to build up the yellow or “sunny” side of the composition, but I found the carpet fabric was soaking up the colour so I painted over it with white emulsion paint to saturate the carpet and also reduce the patterns dominance within the piece.

When re-painting it was very sucsessful in colour pay off and I was happy with the way the paint could drip and layer more easily.

Stepping back I felt disheartened with the work overall, it felt too perfect and the cut on the right too simple. So I then made two cuts on from the bottom and one from the top. I wanted to represent a tear within the memory, a separation between the ‘night’ and ‘day’, Yet now looking back I don’t think it made me like the work anymore or less than before.

To complete this work I am going to embroider some stars to visuals the night and day imagery more clearly. It may be more kitsch than i initially intended this work to be but it feels incomplete without it. I’d also like to perhaps incorporate a childhood prayer which has been ringing in my head this week: I have four corners round my bed, i have for angels round me spread, one to guard me, two to pray for me, and one to keep the fears away from me.

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