Elaoise Benson works across painting, poetry, and performance. Currently living and working in Watchet, her work explores the intersections of feminism, grief and environmentalism. Drawing inspiration from the Somerset landscape, Benson paints the landscape in liminal moments. Whether the gap between branches or a pigsty nestled amongst the trees; these spaces become portals to infinite possibilities. The landscape and her experience of it continue to change in the process of her making, so Benson focuses on how to make this transitory experience of nature tangible.


  • The Woods Echo Out To Us (duo show), East Quay, Watchet, October 2023
  • Work In Progess (group show), PRSC The Space, Bristol, September 2023
  • Out of The Box (group show), East Quay, Watchet, July 2023
  • Finding Our Place (group show), Silly Goose Studios, Exeter, June 2023
  • Abacus (group show), Fresh Salad Art, Online, June 2023
  • Party at The End of The World (performance), Hatch, East Quay, Watchet, April 2023
  • Measureless (group show), East Quay, Watchet, April 2023
  • Reflections and Shadows (group show), Hatch, Langport, March 2023
  • Buried Moons (performance), Centrespace, Bristol, March 2023
  • Work It Up (group show), Newhouse Gallery, Guildford, February 2023
  • Super, Sounds & Stories For All Souls (performance), East Quay, Watchet, October 2022
  • The Lost and The Remained (group show), An. Other Asian, The Koppel Project, London, October 2022
  • It’s About Time (group show), Hatch, Langport, October 2022
  • Embodied Space (group show), Rupture Xibit, London, October 2022
  • Graduate Showcase: Evolving Affections (group show),University of Arts London, London, June 2022
  • Xhibit 25th Annual Exhibition (group show), Arts SU, The Koppel Project, London, June 2022
  • Exploring Image, Identity and Form (group show), SheHerThey Collective, London, March 2022
  • Breaking Down, Breaking Through (group show), LUVA Gallery, London, February 2022
  • New Age Art Renaissance (group show), LUVA Gallery, London, November 2021
  • Lockdown (group show), Frontier Gallery, Sheffield, September 2020
  • The Student Gallery  (group show), Online, September 2020
  • Draw + Release (group show), West Project Space, Westminster University, London, March 2020



  • BA Fine Art (First Class Honours), Central Saint Martins, UAL, London, 2019-22

  • Resident Artist, Hatch Art Collective, Langport, November 2022 – Present

  • General Assistant, East Quay Watchet (Arts Centre), Somerset, September 2022-April 2023
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