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FMP: Week 11

So we’re now in to week 11 of my final major project based on self-identity and childhood memory, and it’s surreal to think how far I’ve progressed within the last 3 months. This project has been hard work, not only through the taxing workload bu through the emotional investment that the subject matter has demanded […]

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FMP: Week 7

Starting off week 7 I finished last weeks wall hanging, completing the embroidery which demonstrated the memory inspiration for this particular piece. I would have liked to have fit the final line of the rhyme: “please don’t take my sunshine away”, perhaps it would have changed the sentiment to a more melancholic one. But for

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FMP: Week 6

This week has been primarily based on one artwork, as a development from the wall hanging fabric piece I made last week. Once again I started by making a textile base, sewn together on my machine. Then I started painting till a memory surfaced, at which point I continued to develop this narrative within the

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FMP: Week 3-5

I’m rolling a few weeks into one post this week as I’ve just returned from Easter break. I spent a large proportion of my break focusing on my contextual essay: Childhood, memory and art. I primarily looked at two key artists who have inspired me so far, Dorothea Tanning and Annette Messager. Before I went

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FMP: Week 2

This week has been an artistic roller coaster of sorts, a juggling act of many different parts. I started the week by finishing two projects, one of which was a soft pink heart which had a charming appearance that was slightly unsettled by the fact that it was made with two bear legs. The second

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FMP: Week 1

After a months research component; in which I went to two museums exploring the theme of childhood (see previous blog post), I have now begun what is to be my final major project of my art foundation. These past few weeks have been exciting ones, where I have really developed in my understandings of memory

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Childhood Identity

For the research component of my Art Foundation Final Major Project I visited both the V&A Museum of Childhood and Pollock’s Toy Museum in London. It was an adventure into the enchanting stories of childhoods past, each museum offering a collection of the weird and wonderful: toys, dolls, doll houses, rattles, tea sets, puppets. If

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How the idea of Making Art has changed in the 21st century.

Art movements throughout history, have been a marker of social change and development, instigated by political revolution and technological advances. Those artists from history that we deem successful today, as well as those who found fame during their lifetime, all managed to find a distinct way of presenting their work. Wether through their impressive execution

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